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Why this group of twenty keep coming back, again and again to Jurien Bay 1000 562 jurien

Why this group of twenty keep coming back, again and again to Jurien Bay

The winds picking up, but there’s a group of twenty or so people on the beach who don’t seem too bothered by the change in weather.

They’re gathered around in a semi-circle, listening to music and just chatting and enjoying a few drinks while their kids are splashing in the sea. They look like a very contented group of holidaymakers.

“There’s about twenty of us here,” says Todd Hewitt.

“We’ve all come up from Perth, about ten adults and ten children and we’re all friends. This is our hideaway, we come four times a year for long weekends.”

“We know the kids will enjoy the beach and surf, the women will just chat and watch them, and us men we do lots of fishing and maybe have a beer or two.”

Todd explains that they always stay at the caravan park, and the wives are the ones who organise these much- anticipated trips.

“Well I would discourage anyone from coming here. No, I’m joking … I’m only saying that because we like to have Jurien Bay to ourselves and that’s the beauty of this place.”

“Look at the beach, beautiful sand, that calm turquoise sea, we’re the only ones here on this stretch of beach, it’s a good spot, why would we want to go anywhere else?”

Remember those holidays you used to take where pleasures were a lot simpler? They still exist and you only have to drive a couple of hours north to enjoy them. Take a break from the stresses of city life and visit Jurien Bay.

The Williamson family have their eyes set on Jurien Bay 1000 562 jurien

The Williamson family have their eyes set on Jurien Bay

The Williamson family are tucking into some fish and chips on the foreshore. Every now and then a seagull swoops down and tries to steal their lunch. Their children, Karn, Cody and Cooper, soon become experts at shoo-ing them away.

For 15 years, Shaun Williamson used to live in Jurien Bay and worked as a cray fisherman.

“We are here on holidays but because I lived here for many years, I know the town very well and my parents live just up the road in Green Head now. We come up five times a year for the beach, fishing, snorkelling, riding bikes and boarding.”

“I have my own diving business in Perth but I have actually bought a block of land here. I bought it 10 years ago. In fact, I didn’t realise I have had it that long!!”

Shaun and his wife Amy believe that a holiday in Jurien Bay is all you need to de-stress yourself. He says the children, who are aged 9, 6 and 4, love exploring the outdoors and enjoy the sandy beaches. While they play, he says Amy and him relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or two at one of the town’s cafes.

“One day I am going to build a holiday home here, it’s a great place.”

Jurien Bay is a real, honest destination. It is a place for those who want to put down the mobile and take a break from city life. Those who just want to do little or nothing for a while. To read a book, to fish off a jetty, to pay a cheeky visit to the local or to just sit and look at the blue, blue waves roll in.  When you’re in Jurien Bay, time is not measured in hours or minutes, but in moments.

The Smiths take a break in Jurien Bay during their around-Australia trip 1000 562 jurien

The Smiths take a break in Jurien Bay during their around-Australia trip

Two people sit relaxing in chairs outside their caravan. They look very content. Michelle and Dean Smith are traveling around Australia and are halfway through their epic journey. They’re from Phillip Island in Victoria.

“We’re on our way heading to Perth so we have come to Jurien Bay for a few days,” Michelle says.

“Look at us, it’s not a bad life, our two children are on the trampoline pillow, so we are having some time-out,” she chuckles.

The couple have two children, Kaydn who’s 10 and Kianne who’s 12, both are home schooled.

“We are sign writers and we ran our own business for ten years. We were working around the clock all the time and not making that much money, so we sold it and are now doing something for ourselves,” Michelle explains.

Both Michelle and her husband can see the appeal of the town.

“We love the jetty here and even the dog loves the beach! It’s our first time here and it’s a very pretty place.”

“What we both notice is that the local council is pouring money into this town. We are from a coastal town, but here everything looks new, so yes we are very impressed at the facilities Jurien Bay has to offer.”

Spend some time in one of Western Australia’s most beautiful coastal towns. Just two hours drive north from Perth, Jurien Bay is the perfect weekender.

Buzzer Has A Bird’s Eye View On Jurien Bay 1000 562 jurien

Buzzer Has A Bird’s Eye View On Jurien Bay

Here’s a little-known fact – Jurien Bay is home to the oldest performing musician in Australia, Brian ‘Buzzer’ Bitter.  He is one of the most recognisable residents in Jurien Bay. At 85, he could also be mistaken for Father Christmas.

Buzzer, as he likes to be known, first stepped into the record studio with his guitar during the 1940s, with his musical ambitions really taking off in the 1990s.

“Some of the highlights? Well, let me see, I played at the Rooty Stadium in Sydney and have worked with Dusty Slim on numerous occasions.”

“I have made 120 recordings, it’s all country music, and that’s not bad for an old fella,” he says.

But why the name Buzzer?

“Buzzer was chosen by my dad who was a shearer. He’d say to me ‘where are you buzzing off to now?’ I was always going here, there and everywhere. The name just stuck.”

A former cattle worker, Buzzer came to Jurien in 1974 and bought his first house for $16,000.

“All my children still live here. Jurien Bay offers you everything you want.”

And Buzzer has experienced a bird’s eye view of the town on several occasions.

“I am a skydiver, I did one on my 80th with my wife Nan, the same year as our 50th wedding anniversary. I’ve skydived since then, what a terrific feeling.”

And what’s the secret to being so youthful?

“Just enjoy life, I have achieved more than I have ever wished. I can’t read music, never have been able too, however it hasn’t held me back and we can all learn something from that.”

After writing and publishing this blog sadly Buzzer passed away. RIP Buzzer

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