This Crowded Life

This Crowded Life

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Have you ever found yourself driving home on a crowded freeway or contemplating a crowded day-ahead and wondered: How did life get this crazy?

More and more Australians it seems are struggling with the stress and anxiety of a world where we seem to have more “stuff” but less time for those things we know deep in our hearts bring ultimate happiness.

Standing on a beach, listening to the ocean waves lap or sitting outside at dusk listening to the birdsong or finding yourself a secluded nook for an hour’s quite reading.  For those with a more active bent, there’s going for a run, riding a bike or casting a line into the sea.

It was this idea that inspired the notion of Jurien Bay Time because if there is any place in the world that allows people to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life it has got to be Jurien Bay!

Driving into the town is a bit like driving into a new time zone – especially if you are coming from the frenetic pace further south in Perth.  It is amazing that in just two hours you can go from sitting in a traffic jam, pent up with frustration, to a gentle stroll by the water’s edge thinking that world of stress and strain is a million miles away.

We should point out that the closest thing you’ll find to a traffic jam in Jurien Bay is riding your bike to the local bakery to buy a jam donut or marmalade on toast with a good cuppa.

So, if you’ve had enough of this frantic life; perhaps you’re ready for a bit of Jurien Bay Time

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