Remember those holidays when Dad would pile everyone into the wagon for a trip up the coast?
A couple of hours north and even before the car had stopped at the camping site, you were sprinting toward the beach, laughing as you caught
a glimpse of the ocean for the first time. It was a great start to a weekend of swimming,
bommies off the jetty and far too many cream buns from the bakery.  Those times can still be had up here in Jurien Bay.

Getting to Jurien Bay is as easy as hopping into the car and
heading just over two hours north on the scenic Indian Ocean Drive.
Before you know it, you’ll be driving through town and noticing how everything is moving at a more leisurely pace.
As a great man once said, “How’s the serenity?”.

When enjoying a little bay time, many people enjoy doing little, but that’s not for everyone. For more adventurous types, Jurien Bay has adventure aplenty with no lack of fishing, snorkelling and diving spots – just head to the nearest beach!

If you’d prefer to spend your bay time in a more organised fashion, then there are wildlife tours to witness the antics of the sea lions, and fishing and diving charters. When the wildflowers arrive it’s easy to find a tour to see the best of what’s blooming. Not all the fun happens at sea level. If you enjoy throwing yourself from great heights, then Jurien Bay has you covered!

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