Jurien Bay is a real, honest destination. It is a place for those who want to put down the mobile and
take a break from city life. Those who just want to do little or nothing for a while. To read a book, to fish
off a jetty, to pay a cheeky visit to the local or to just sit and look at the blue, blue waves roll in. When
you’re in Jurien Bay, time is not measured in hours or minutes, but in moments.

This is as easy as hopping into the car and heading just over two hours north on the scenic Indian Ocean Drive. Before you know it, you’ll be driving through town and noticing how everything is moving at a more leisurely pace. As a great man once said, “How’s the serenity?”.

The weather is a bit milder up here, too. Always a few degrees warmer than Perth means there are plenty of clear, summer-like days even in winter. Though when spring arrives … paradise. The wildflowers put on a jaw-dropping show and the Jurien Bay Marine Park with its submerged reefs and shallow lagoons is just too beautiful to put into words.

Whilst Jurien Bay will never lose its much loved small-town atmosphere, there has been developments to help take better advantage of Jurien Bay’s coastal assets. The Marina gives easy access to the ocean for boaties and the new circular jetty is a boon for fisherfolk. If you’re not into catching your food, there’s the local shopping centre. If you’re not into cooking your food, there are cafes, the bakery, the fish and chip shop, taverns and other places to have a good meal and a drink.

There are plenty of places to stay in Jurien Bay. Beachfront villas are always popular,
though if you prefer to sleep under the stars you can camp it up at the tourist park.
Here are some Jurien Bay’s accommodation options.

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